1. This agreement is concluded between DOKA DISTRIBUTION LTD (hereinafter referred to as the "Affiliate Program" or Lucky) and the person who opened the Affiliate Account (hereinafter referred to as the "Webmaster").
  2. Lucky operates using its own software hosted on and its subdomains.
  3. The Administration reserves the right to refuse the Webmaster's participation in the Affiliate Program without giving any reasons.
  4. Members of the affiliate network are: Partners (Webmasters) and DOKA DISTRIBUTION LTD.
  5. The Webmaster confirms its consent to processing of its personal data and receiving newsletters from
  6. The Webmaster's use of the services and functionality of the Partner Program means that the Webmaster fully agrees to these Rules.
  7. To get started, you must register with the Affiliate Program at // Use of more than 1 account is possible after agreement by Email Technical Support Email
  8. Individuals who have reached the age of 18 and legal entities represented by authorized representatives have the right to register.
  9. After completing all the information on the registration form and accepting these rules, the Webmaster makes an acceptance of the agreement (offer) on his participation in the Lucky Affiliate Program.
  10. After registration, the Webmaster receives a confirmation letter to the email address provided by the Webmaster during registration. The Webmaster is then required to complete the remaining registration steps in order to be able to work in the Affiliate Program.
  11. If the Webmaster fails to comply with these terms and conditions, Lucky reserves the right to reject registration without giving a reason. In this case, the data transmitted through the registration form will be deleted immediately.
  12. Upon completion of registration and account activation, Webmaster may fully use the Affiliate Program. The data provided by the Webmaster during registration can be changed in his personal cabinet.
  13. All correspondence between Webmaster and Lucky is strictly confidential. Any disclosure of this correspondence by the Webmaster is a gross breach of confidentiality and may lead to the blocking of your account.
  14. Participation of the Webmaster in the Lucky Affiliate Program is free of charge.
  15. Lucky reserves the right to terminate any service, in whole or in part, if it is required to do so by maintenance, improvement or alteration of the service.
  16. The Webmaster receives a monetary reward, which is directly dependent on the success of his advertising campaigns, for the achievement of his goal, namely the sale of the product to authorized sources of traffic.
  17. Lucky has the right to refuse to register without giving a reason.
  18. The administration reserves the right to block any account at its own discretion without payment.
  19. For violation of any of these rules, the account is completely blocked, without paying the earned money:
  20. - One person can have no more than one registered account in the system;
    - Use sources of traffic that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, including legislation on intellectual property;
    - Deceive administrators and support service;
    - Use Cookie Stuffing;
    - Insulting Partners;
    - Use compromised traffic (fraud) to drive up the numbers the system by any means (motivated traffic, tugs);
    - Spam in any form: in tickets, in applications, etc. Use unwanted mailing to attract users or other webmasters;
    - Perform the goals independently;
    - Perform achievement of goals by other users as a result of request, reward, deceit or misleading;
    - Initiate automatic actions of visitors by means of scripts, bots and any other means;
    - Change the IP address within a single subnet or using proxy servers and anonymizers;
    - Use Brute force attacks, DoS(DdoS) attacks, any other processes that may damage the partner network.
  21. Lucky has no right to:
  22. - Disclose the data for access to the affiliate program to third parties.
    - Disclose Webmaster's income. 
    - Disclose personal data to third parties.
  23. Lucky is obliged to:
  24. - Pay the money earned;
    - Provide statistical data if it is not enough from your personal cabinet;
    - Provide technical support;
  25. Lucky has the right to:
  26. - Block your account without unlocking it and with no refund from your internal balance in case the Webmaster does not respond to the Administration's requests or does not work with the system within three months;
    - Block the Webmaster for violation of the rules without access to the system, withdrawal of funds and subsequent unlocking;
    - Refuse payment for and cancel accepted orders that are refused within 48 (forty-eight) hours from the moment of acceptance (the client called back and refused for some reason), followed by notification of the webmaster to cancel the order.
  27. The webmaster is obliged to:
  28. - Strictly comply with these rules;
    - Always provide accurate information about your activities under the Lucky Affiliate Program at all times;
    - If you have any questions about the use of the Affiliate Program, please contact the Lucky Webmaster Support Team - Email;
    - Promptly respond to queries and requests from the support team, including removing the causes of complaints regarding the content and quality of promotional materials, sources and methods of their placement;
    - Provide the data necessary to verify the quality of traffic, including access to statistics in the form of links, screenshots, advertising materials;
    - Exclude transactions by knowingly entering incorrect, non-existent or alien data without the knowledge of the owner when ordering goods;
  29. Webmaster has the right to:
  30. - Receive payment, technical support, statistics and additional information;
    - Use all the necessary tools in your personal computer. 
  31. The affiliate program has the right to check the traffic if the Webmaster receives the payment for the first time, and delay the payment up to one month.
  32. Payments to Webmasters are made to the accounts of WMR-purses, the numbers of which are specified in the personal cabinet. Changes are possible when contacting Email
  33. The minimum amount to be paid is 1 (One) rouble. Payment less than the minimum amount is not possible.
  34. Payments are made automatically on Mondays. You don't need to order payments, you don't need to contact your manager to make a payment.
  35. Early payments are possible by decision of the affiliate program only to verified partners. Early payments are possible only after checking the traffic quality.
  36. The article of income - "Total". The amount of payments is in roubles.
  37. Lucky may withhold payments for up to fourteen (14) calendar days if there is a suspicion of fraud to analyze the accepted registrations;
  38. In order to protect against fraudulent activities by Webmasters, the network may charge fines from the Webmaster in case of violations of the applicable requirements. The amount of the fine depends on the internal opinion of the administration and may range from 5 to 100 of the funds on the account balance. If a fraud is detected, the account is blocked without the possibility of recovery, and all funds are returned to the advertisers' accounts in full.
  39. Participation in the Affiliate network is not accepted as a source of traffic:
  40. Websites and services containing materials:
    - potentially or objectively dangerous for visitors, including viruses in any capacity;
    - of a pornographic nature;
    - promoting violence in any form;
    - Promoting discrimination on the grounds of age, race, sex, religion, nationality or sexual intolerance;
    - violating the intellectual property rights of third parties and organizations.
  41. Lucky does not compensate for any moral damages.
  42. This agreement shall be governed by English Law and shall be subject to jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  43. Lucky has the right to change these rules at any time and without notice. This policy is the most current version, regardless of which version was accepted by the Webmaster at the time of registration.